hello world!

In grand Sea style, I’ve gone and started a new project. But this project isn’t just any project–it’s a hub for all the projects that T(ea) and I have in our little brains. Snippet ideas, photos and drawings, grand master plans, life direction ideas and all. Like a great big open journal and motivational tool in one. And best of all, each of you gets a front row seat to this insanity!!

We’ve tried tumbling, we’ve tried tweeting (well I sort of liked that), and I even had an online journal once long ago (ie. when I thought it was okay to write things like “what are you s’posed to do when the guy of your dreams lives miles and miles away and has a crush on a girl named maude from france?” about T(ea). Answer: wait nine years, it’ll happen), but because I want to learn how to make a website, this is the next “logical” step.

So expect periodic updates on our lives/life and things we give a shit about. Expect video blogs, especially ones of my little sister. Expect whining about how much I miss Virginia, gushing notes about meeting famous people, and everything in between. In return all we ask is for you to send us love whenever you can (in the form of comments! the more love you leave the more baked goods I send you) and to not judge our scatterbrainedness.


2 responses to “hello world!

  1. Additional topics to be addressed on your new website: trips to Atlanta, wedding planning and having babies. I look forward to reading about all of these topics in the near future.

  2. I’m looking forward to hearing about the shenanigans that will be witness to your lives unfolding. Love.

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