This Week: Getting Our Shit Together Part 1

After a couple days out of town (a trip to VA for Easter and a business trip to East Peoria for T(ea)), we spent the past weekend being outside and just generally enjoying the [early] springtime that completely blindsided pretty much everyone in NYC. Now that the week is off and running (how is it already Tuesday??) it’s time to get some things organized.

May is already pretty busy for us, with special guests C.D. and A.D. joining us in Brooklyn in a couple weekends, and then a pending camping trip with “The Boyfriends” from upstate (haven’t decided yet if we’re going here or here). On the 14th, we’re going to see Simone Felice at Rockwood Music Hall and then the rest of the Felices on the 18th at the Bell House! (Yes, my Felice Brothers Obsession lives on). Tuesdays have recently been claimed as Yoga days for me and a couple friends (at Yoga to the People‘s donation-based location in the East Village, score) and we’ve also applied to become cheap/poor members at the Chinatown YMCA (one of the only ones with a pool so T(ea) can get his swim on).

This upcoming weekend will see the progression of a photo-decor project in the hallway, new baking recipes, and a possible trip to the Catskills for some hiking and learning. Keep an eye out for more updates though…they are soon to come!

Until then, a photo to commemorate the sad sad passing of one of our favorite coffeeshops, Bluebird, which recently closed:


2 responses to “This Week: Getting Our Shit Together Part 1

  1. Marybeth Romeo

    hey….I hope you will consider ringing up yo’momma and T’s momma considering…ummmmm…SUNDAY IS MOTHER’S DAY!!!!

  2. MOTHER’S DAY….SUNDAY…just puttin’ that out there….

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