We knew the weekend was off to a great start with Thursday night’s Cinco de Awesome (Mayo) celebration in Brooklyn, where there was lots of Sangira:


But today was even nicer, with a long, lovely walk in Central Park with some friends. Central Park is, of course, swarming with people these first few nice days of summer, but the Belvedere Castle was still amazing. Plus we spent some quality time in the ramble, going over the “bridgey-thing” (right ML?), looking at turtles, listening to guys play ukelele covers of Jason Mraz songs (video forthcoming), and pondering the logistics of 30 rowboats on a tiny pond. Plus we took a moment to look adorable:

Tomorrow we’re leaving the City at 8am (yikes!) for a super-fun Stream Ecology Hike (nerd alert) upstate. For anyone curious about what that means exactly, click here for the super interesting description! Best of all, I might get to try out the new Paint Can Pinhole Camera  I bought at the Brooklyn Museum First Saturdays Party this evening!! It is so adorable and looks like this (on the left):

Check back tomorrow evening for digital photos and tales of our woodland escapades–hopefully there won’t be any incidents like TickGate 2009–and special Mother’s Day tributes.


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