Going on Vacation!!

As summer rolls into The City, we can’t help but think about a certain road trip we took way back in 2008–a crazy week of mishaps (car breakdowns, dry counties, and raccoon attacks) that we were certain would drive our then-friendship to its breaking point. But we made it through–with a handful of amazing tales to tell (free limo rides, a trip to the top of the St. Louis Arch, surviving raccoon attacks)–and now we’re going for round 2…with a catch.

Sea and Tea Road Trip 2011 will take place…on the West Coast!!

That’s right: we booked our one-way tickets to San Francisco on Labor Day weekend and will rent a car from there and head up the coast for a week of adventure. Among the places we plan to visit:

…and many more in between! So it’s time for you to chime in. Where should we go? What lovely things should we see? What fun activities are not to be missed? We’ve got four months to plan and need your help so comment away!


2 responses to “Going on Vacation!!

  1. Little Sister

    I think you should map it out by concerts you want to see. DUH.

  2. One way???

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