Some Very Busy Weekends

Two very busy weekends down, one to go.

Last weekend we headed out to Princeton for the famous Reunions gathering…or as a friend of mine calls it, “The Alumni Event Too Intense To Be Named.” We saw tons of Tea’s old friends from his college days, enjoyed some delicious refreshments, and cheered on the oldest living Princeton grad (who was the class of ’28, I believe).

The weekend before, we trekked up to Tea’s hometown upstate and spent some quality time with his HS crew, which involved MarioKart (on a Wii!!), bowling (not on a Wii) and of course a trip to their old playground (swings)!

This weekend, I’m taking care of things at home while Tea jaunts off to his brother’s bachelor party in Atlantic city. Glitzy, right? I’m expecting them to have a blast and for Tea to hopefully return hungry for baked goods as that’s one thing I plan to do all weekend in preparation for Feminist Summer Camp at work! Gotta keep those kiddies well-fed.

More updates will happen during the downtime I am SO looking forward to this weekend…


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