Ben and Judy Benjamin’s Sugarhouse

At the end of May, Tea and I were fortunate enough to have a weekend away from the City in his hometown of quaint and adorable Clinton, NY. Getting there, in true Sea and Tea fashion, we rambled and wound our way along…stopping whenever the idea struck us. This means that we bought two cups of lemonade at a little-girl-run stand in South New Berlin (proceeds benefiting the SPCA!), took a short detour through a picturesque yet slightly creepy old graveyard (video here), and (best of all) discovered Ben and Judy’s Sugarhouse.

Ben and Judy Benjamin are retirees who started a Sugarhouse (aka Maple Syrup and other Maple Products creatorium) right next to their regular house in the lovely hills of central NY. When we pulled up (after spotting a NY State Tourism sign with the word “Sugarhouse”, obvs), the place looked closed, but after hopping out of the car to peer inside, we heard a voice from the building next door: “Be right there!”

Within seconds, Ben and Judy had emerged from their home, unlocked their dark sugarhouse just for us, and commenced a personal tour of the space, equipment, and maple treats. We sampled different grades of syrup (photos below!) and even some of their super-special Maple Cream (which actually has no cream in it at all and is only made from maple sap, just like like maple syrup)! They told us all about the process of tapping and how their grown daughters and their families help to run the shop. It was AMAZING.

After our tour, Ben and Judy were kind enough to show us their antique cars as well–a gorgeous Model T and two other ones too! It was all just so lovely and un-rushed and gracious and green…made us really start thinking about leaving this city and doing Our Own Thing…


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