The Times They Are A-Changin’

Wow–it’s truly shocking that it’s been more than 4 months since we last updated this lil thing. SHEESH! Lots has happened since the end of June:

  • We had a superfun Grilled Cheese Party with ten fantabulous grilled [vegetarian] concoctions. Our friend Virginia took home first place for her recipe, muenster with fried green tomatoes!
  • The amazing Jen and Harrison came for a lovely visit.
  • We went (with NCE) to a taping of The Colbert Report (to see my boss be the guest!)
  • We bade farewell to our dear friend Joe, who moved out to Amsterdam to become a Master of Media Studies
  • We made our own beer–birthday brew (aka Molasses IPA)!
  •  We went on a MASSIVE WEST COAST VACATION (click for photos and videos are on our video page!)
  • Sea shook hands w FLOTUS
  • Tea and his good friend from upstate (also born Oct 3rd, like us!) scored tickets to see Radiohead at the Roseland Ballroom–click here to read about how insanely unlikely it was for that to happen
  • We had an absolutely spectacular Birthday Bash that was honestly too fabulous to even describe here.
  • Sea and NCE saw HANSON in concert (yes, really, that Hanson)

..and that about brings you all up to date! This week Momma Sea is coming up for a visit from Virginia (YAY!) and later this month we’ll hang with Momma and Poppa Tea for some Thanksgiving goodness. We’re also planning a Friendsgiving feast for NYC folks on Nov. 19 so mark your calendars! And we hope to keep this updated more regularly…promise!


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