Springtime in Dreamland

PHEW! As always, it’s been much too long since our last update and we feel just terrible about it. Lots lots lots has happened and here’s a quickie update for all y’all who are curious!

  • Sea’s little sister was arrested in Richmond (along with 29 others) during a protest of a new regulation forcing women to have medically unnecessary ultrasounds before having an abortion.
  • T(ea)’s mom got a brand spanking new hip and can already walk around the house without a cane! Talk about badass.
  • Sea applied for a graduate program at VCU and is still waiting to hear if she was accepted (insert nailbiting here).
  • Sea and her bestie-since-age-8, Meg, decided to run the Run with Grace 5K in honor of their friend Grace Lovegrove who passed away in 2005. They train 3 days a week and hate every minute of it (except the warmup walking).
  • We signed up to bowl for abortion access at the NY Abortion Access Fund’s 3rd Annual Bowl-A-Thon! Please consider donating even a tiny bit ($10 aka 1.5 Starbucks lattes) to our team, Bowl Against the Machine.
  • We went on a beautiful and extremely fun long-weekend expedition to Vermont with a fabulous crew of mischief-makers from all over the East Coast (photos below).

On the horizon:

  • Lots of great concerts including Simone Felice and First Aid Kit (BOTH shows TONIGHT) and Radiohead in Montreal
  • Other fun cultural NYC things like a chocolate-souffle-making class at Dessert Truck Works and our second visit to the epic Sleep No More
  • An Easter trip to Roanoke for familytime and of course The Shadowbox’s Zombie Prom
  • Further exploration into Sea’s newfound hobby, chocolate-making
  • Possible bunny-adopting?
  • …and lots more!

Love love love to all and sorry for the lack of updates. We promise to try harder!

Sea and T(ea)



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