The Very First Batch of Sea and Tea Truffles!

This weekend Sea embarked on an exciting adventure–making homemade truffles! After weeks of shopping online for candy-making accoutrements, painstaking selecting the chocolate to use (I went with Grenada Chocolate, a worker-owned radical collective on the island of Grenada), and finding a recipe I wanted to use, it was time to begin!

The first part happened yesterday: the creation of a delicious ganache! It was much easier to do than anticipated. First the chocolate had to be chopped but AWAY FROM ANY AND ALL WATER DROPLETS. The recipe was adamant about that. Then I mixed in the boiling heavy cream and whipped it all into a yummy emulsion! Sadly there are no photos of this because my hands were covered in chocolate.

I let the ganache sit for a day and then piped it into dollops (technical term) on a cookie sheet and put them in the fridge to cool/firm. Once they’re cool I’m gonna roll them into lovely balls and let them cool again. And then….the big challenge–creating tempered chocolate and then dipping the centers in it!! YUM. Check back for updates…




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