Dear Megabus,


Y’all. Y’ALL. Yesterday was the last day of our whirlwind trip to VA. And it. Was. Terrible. And it was all Megabus’s fault.

Let’s start at the beginning: we [Chinatown] bussed to DC on Friday night, staying over with two of our favorite people (and on T(ea)’s favorite mattress on Earth). Saturday morning, we picked up our tricked-out rental car from Hertz (I love you Hertz, and I especially love the dude working at the Lindsay Lexus Hertz counter Saturday morning) and drove to Roanoke (via Charlottesville where I had a lovely lunch with my dear old friend Jen)! That evening we went to the Shadowbox‘s Zombie Prom and had a blast:
The next day was Easter which was sunny and full of familytime. Very nice to hang with my sibs, cousins, and folks:

BUT THEN, yesterday, all hell broke loose. En route to DC, we hit massive amounts of traffic, which almost doubled our travel time. When we realized we were going to miss our Chinatown bus (DAMNIT), we called lil seester to see if she could find other bus tickets online for us. Fortunately (or so we thought) there were seats available on a Megabus that was leaving 1.5 hrs after our scheduled Chinatown bus–just enough time to make it to town, grab a bite, drop off our car, and get on the bus.

Or so we thought.

Turns out that our 7:30pm bus departure was a LIE and we actually left at 8:15pm–moving our midnight arrival in NYC back to a theoretical 12:45am. But that’s not all: not only did the Megabus staff members at Union Station absolutely ignore the huge line of people waiting for the bus to arrive/load/leave, but they ended up sending us out late on a bus that was THERE THE WHOLE TIME. What was the holdup, you ask? We have no idea. Nobody ever even apologized for running late. Once we finally got on the road, there wasn’t exactly smooth sailing–we had to stop the bus after 3 hours to get a new driver and once the driver was replaced, the driving was so slow that we didn’t get back to NYC until 1:15am. And for anyone familiar with NYC public transit at night, that means that we didn’t get home until 3am. THREE. A. M. All because Megabus is terrible.

In conclusion please don’t ever take Megabus ever and if they ask you why you hate them so just tell them that you heard about their horribleness from me.


One response to “Dear Megabus,

  1. I have had the same experience TWICE going from NYC to Syracuse. Switching drivers, slow driving, getting in 2 hours late (at all hours of the night). I refuse to do it again.

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