Still waiting to hear…

…if I’m in off the waitlist at VCU!

In the meantime, T(ea) and I are planning lots of exciting things. First up, a trip to Toledo over Memorial Day Weekend for the wedding of our dear friend Kitsie! The following weekend, a visit from T(ea)’s parents and a possible trip to NJ. The FOLLOWING weekend, it’s finally time for my big race: the Run With Grace 5K!! The weekend after that, T(ea) is off to Montreal for a Radiohead concert and me and some friends are hitting up Sleep No More for the last time before it closes at the end of June. PHEW! That’s a lot of stuff. Some of you might also know we’re planning something else on Sept 15th…more details on that very, very soon.

Also yesterday we went to the beach and it was AMAZING:

(grainy Blackberry photos are the new Instagram y’all)



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