The Portrait Project!

I am a photographer. Phew–it takes a lot to even write that! So many nagging doubts (well you’ve never been paid to do photographs, or been published, or even really been critiqued by a teacher or taken a photography class) get in the way of taking the first step towards realizing a dream: speaking it aloud.

As a very beginning photographer, I’ve started a project that I’m just calling The Portrait Project, in which I rent out various fancy fancy cameras and lenses (from CSI Rentals in Chelsea, which is incredible and full of badass women) and then force my friends and loved ones to pose for photos. Practice, practice, practice! The main album/collection lives on facebook but I would be remiss to leave them off this site! So below are a couple snippets and you can see the rest by clicking here ( or by clicking “portraits” on the menu bar, above!

Any and all critiques greatly, greatly welcome. And if you or someone you know want to sign up to be photographed (please??), click here.

#001: My Dearest Friend

#002: The Editor

#003: The Fashionista

Go check out the rest! New portraits Monday through Wednesday, older 35mm Portraits on Thursdays!


One response to “The Portrait Project!

  1. Carly, your portraits are lovely! I especially love the one of my friend, Tyler! Good luck! (I know what you mean about claiming a title. I just started calling myself a writer–from a teacher–and it’s scary for all the reasons you mention, but a necessary step in making our dreams a reality! As Steinbeck would say: Astra Per Alia Porci–to the stars on the wings of a pig! 🙂

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