Belize Travel Journal: Day 1

Saturday, Oct 6: And we’re off!

We left JFK a little after our scheduled 9am flight. This meant we had to get up around 5:30am–after going to be around 3am (last-minute packers anyone?). The flight wasn’t too bad (being really tired actually helped me not stress–Xanax helped Carly). We flew from JFK to Miami and only had a 45 minute layover, after which we were whisked from Miami to Belize City.

In Belize City, we transferred to a 10-passenger prop plane to Dangriga, a tiny airport, then another takeoff to bring us to Placencia. Flying low over miles of undisturbed wetlands made it hard to remember we’d been in Brooklyn a few hours ago:

We landed in Placencia, starving, and got picked up at the airport by a Turtle Inn shuttle. Once we arrived, we walked across a small bridge over a turtle pond and up to the front desk, which had a really cool indoor/outdoor thing going on (no doors or glass but lots of thatched roofing). The front desk lady sat down with us, gave us delicious complimentary drinks, and went over everything (our excursions, food options, etc). We were then showed to our cottage, which was INCREDIBLE:

If you notice, there are no glass windows–just screens to keep the bugs out. No real need for climate control (air conditioning) because the open air and two overhead fans made the place perfectly cool. There was also a complimentary cookie jar filled with chocolate chip cookies and instead of a phone, a “shell phone” intercom to the front desk.

We settled in a bit, got some snacks at the beachside bar, and took a little nap. Our dinner was homemade linguine with fresh herbs from their organic on-site garden. Needless to say, we slept pretty well.


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