Belize Travel Journal: Day 2

Sunday, Oct 7

We slept a long time. Because of the two hour time difference, it was only 8am Belize Time when we got up. We walked around the resort: explored the beach, two pools, fruit and herb gardens. We saw a few iguanas (it’s weird to see something that big climb up a wall) and some smaller lizards. We probably looked to the Belizians like people marveling at pigeons and squirrels in NYC.

We ate breakfast. By the pool. Overlooking the beach and its glassy, calm water. And just because it was inclusive, I got eggs benedict with lobster. Carly got Belizian waffles with rainforest honey (tastes darker and different from what we usually get). Neither of us are really used to be pampered like this; I don’t think I’d want to get used to this kind of pampering, but it’s a nice change of pace. I know it’s BS to say “wow, I’m really going out of my comfort zone here” by staying at a private resort where the waiters at the beachfront bar remember your name. I don’t care. It’s nice to remember what relaxing feels like.

We went in the ocean. You can’t go in very deep before the ground has a bed of plants, but the water is a perfectly comfortable temperature. Also, incredibly salty. I floated for a couple minutes without even moving a muscle. We rested on the beach in a hammock (me) and an Adirondack chair (Carly) and read or dozed (or both).

We had lunch at the beach bar (we wanted it poolside but had ordered arugula pizza, which is best eaten at a table, and I never had arugula so fresh and flavorful–it was probably picked after we ordered it). After lunch, a bike ride into Placencia. It’s not nearly as fancy and cleanly-groomed as our resort, but it has a charming small tropical town vibe. We also rode our bikes partway along the long road inland to the next town.

Outside Turtle Inn, we ran into three kids, maybe 8-10 years old. They “found” (ie stole) a turtle in the Inn’s pond. They had also found a baby boa (called “ola” in Belize) in the nearby grass. They encouraged Carly to take their picture with their new pets. She had to explain that it was a film camera with no immediate image.

After the bike ride, we took a bath (in our baller Japanese bath) and then a nap. When we got up, the sun had set and we stepped outside to look at the stars; we could see the Milky Way! We sat under a lamp on the beach, ordered dinner, wrote a little bit, then ate (Carly got the most delicious coconut mojito–great!) and went to bed stuffed.


One response to “Belize Travel Journal: Day 2

  1. ok. i’m officially jealous.

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