Belize Day 5 – Rainy Day

It stormed all night.

We got breakfast in bed – chilequiles (yum!) – and made our own mimosas with champagne we’d bought at the duty-free shop at the airport. After it cleared up a little, we sat on the beach and wrote. It started to rain, so we went under the beach bar and ate with Pam and Rachel. When it rained, Carly jumped in the pool.

They went off to bike in town, and we putzed around our cottage. During the afternoon, the rain really picked up again – shifting betwen torrents and a drizzle. We wrote thank you cards. I read a story out loud from Coppola’s literary mag All-Story. (“Penlight,” about a girl with a voice in her head by a Japanese author). We napped.

For dinner, we met up with Rachel and Pam at their massive villa (they got upgraded, we assume because almost all the guests were hetero couples, and they assumed Pam&Rachel were not a couple. They were right, although it didn’t seem fair to make an assumption). We all went to Rumfish, where we sat on the deck listening to the rain. They had delicious sangria, and a grapefruit mojito (also excellent). We ate fish tacos and homemade fettucini.

Toward the end of the meal, Carly started getting congested and head achy, so we went home, chilled with some tea, and bedded down.


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