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Half Off Postcards in my Etsy Shop!

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Happy Thanksgiving, all!


new facebook page for photos!

Everyone should go “like” my brand-new facebook page for photos, TWO SPOONS PHOTO!


New Portrait Hiatus!

Hey y’all–I have gotten SO behind in post-production for the portraits I already have that I’m taking a break from new models this week…but I promise to bring you even more beautiful pieces next week! To tide you over I’m going to post a photo a day from my amazing shoot with Mike and JP! Here are two for yesterday and today…stay tuned for more!

Springtime in Dreamland

PHEW! As always, it’s been much too long since our last update and we feel just terrible about it. Lots lots lots has happened and here’s a quickie update for all y’all who are curious!

  • Sea’s little sister was arrested in Richmond (along with 29 others) during a protest of a new regulation forcing women to have medically unnecessary ultrasounds before having an abortion.
  • T(ea)’s mom got a brand spanking new hip and can already walk around the house without a cane! Talk about badass.
  • Sea applied for a graduate program at VCU and is still waiting to hear if she was accepted (insert nailbiting here).
  • Sea and her bestie-since-age-8, Meg, decided to run the Run with Grace 5K in honor of their friend Grace Lovegrove who passed away in 2005. They train 3 days a week and hate every minute of it (except the warmup walking).
  • We signed up to bowl for abortion access at the NY Abortion Access Fund’s 3rd Annual Bowl-A-Thon! Please consider donating even a tiny bit ($10 aka 1.5 Starbucks lattes) to our team, Bowl Against the Machine.
  • We went on a beautiful and extremely fun long-weekend expedition to Vermont with a fabulous crew of mischief-makers from all over the East Coast (photos below).

On the horizon:

  • Lots of great concerts including Simone Felice and First Aid Kit (BOTH shows TONIGHT) and Radiohead in Montreal
  • Other fun cultural NYC things like a chocolate-souffle-making class at Dessert Truck Works and our second visit to the epic Sleep No More
  • An Easter trip to Roanoke for familytime and of course The Shadowbox’s Zombie Prom
  • Further exploration into Sea’s newfound hobby, chocolate-making
  • Possible bunny-adopting?
  • …and lots more!

Love love love to all and sorry for the lack of updates. We promise to try harder!

Sea and T(ea)


End-of-2011 Newsletter Now Available!

For those of you who we missed it–or those of you who want a digital version to complement your hard copy–here’s our end of the year newsletter from this year! Click for big version. And please know: if you didn’t get a hard copy, it’s not that we don’t love you, it’s that we’re very forgetful. My own best friend, Effie Shaw, with whom I have matching tattoos and who took the Brooklyn Bridge photo in the newsletter for us, didn’t get one. We are that absentminded.
Love love love

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Wow–it’s truly shocking that it’s been more than 4 months since we last updated this lil thing. SHEESH! Lots has happened since the end of June:

  • We had a superfun Grilled Cheese Party with ten fantabulous grilled [vegetarian] concoctions. Our friend Virginia took home first place for her recipe, muenster with fried green tomatoes!
  • The amazing Jen and Harrison came for a lovely visit.
  • We went (with NCE) to a taping of The Colbert Report (to see my boss be the guest!)
  • We bade farewell to our dear friend Joe, who moved out to Amsterdam to become a Master of Media Studies
  • We made our own beer–birthday brew (aka Molasses IPA)!
  • ¬†We went on a MASSIVE WEST COAST VACATION (click for photos and videos are on our video page!)
  • Sea shook hands w FLOTUS
  • Tea and his good friend from upstate (also born Oct 3rd, like us!) scored tickets to see Radiohead at the Roseland Ballroom–click here to read about how insanely unlikely it was for that to happen
  • We had an absolutely spectacular Birthday Bash that was honestly too fabulous to even describe here.
  • Sea and NCE saw HANSON in concert (yes, really, that Hanson)

..and that about brings you all up to date! This week Momma Sea is coming up for a visit from Virginia (YAY!) and later this month we’ll hang with Momma and Poppa Tea for some Thanksgiving goodness. We’re also planning a Friendsgiving feast for NYC folks on Nov. 19 so mark your calendars! And we hope to keep this updated more regularly…promise!

Going on Vacation!!

As summer rolls into The City, we can’t help but think about a certain road trip we took way back in 2008–a crazy week of mishaps (car breakdowns, dry counties, and raccoon attacks) that we were certain would drive our then-friendship to its breaking point. But we made it through–with a handful of amazing tales to tell (free limo rides, a trip to the top of the St. Louis Arch, surviving raccoon attacks)–and now we’re going for round 2…with a catch.

Sea and Tea Road Trip 2011 will take place…on the West Coast!!

That’s right: we booked our one-way tickets to San Francisco on Labor Day weekend and will rent a car from there and head up the coast for a week of adventure. Among the places we plan to visit:

…and many more in between! So it’s time for you to chime in. Where should we go? What lovely things should we see? What fun activities are not to be missed? We’ve got four months to plan and need your help so comment away!