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basking in some cloudy-day NYClove w my dear friend V and her boo, Scott!


Simone Felice at the Mercury Lounge/First Aid Kit at Webster Hall!

Last night I (Sea) took my dear friend Encie to see Simone Felice in concert for the very first time! We caught his set at the Mercury Lounge and then doubled our concert fun by also catching First Aid Kit at Webster Hall!

Simone’s set left me feeling a little conflicted–there were moments that were absolutely breathtaking and then moments that felt a little strained and even lifeless. Highlights included seeing him back at the kit on “Hey Bobby Ray” and part of the finale “Radio Song” (I originally became hooked on Simone when I saw him playing drums with his brothers and a broken foot while opening for Conor Oberst at the DAR Constitution Hall in November 2007); his always-charming banter and sly crooked smile; a hilarious cover of Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door; the seriously amazing slide guitar action going on courtesy of Simone’s friend he identified only as “Matthew”; and a riveting version of “Your Belly In My Arms”.

Low points included the fact that a lot of the harmonizing sounded a little off; there seemed to be some tension between Simone and Simi (the violinist) especially towards the end: when she looked at him it was with a look of pure confusion and later he angrily swatted at her outstretched-to-stabilize-the-mic-stand hand; some of the more intense/slow songs felt laggy and even some of the upbeat ones dragged a little. However, I believe we can chalk all this up to the growing pains of working with a semi-new group and of course whatever capricious moodswings that artists are wont to have.

Final verdict from a first-timer: “I was awash in his hillbilly/tender sex appeal and totally stoked on the amazing slide guitar skills of his bearded friend.”

The First Aid Kit show on the other hand, was one sustained sparklefest–no super low points but no super high points either–except maybe the final song, King of the World, which was rollicking and great and only dampened slightly by the fact that I had hoped Conor Oberst might do a cameo verse (as he does on the album).

PHEW. Now on to getting through Thursday…

End-of-2011 Newsletter Now Available!

For those of you who we missed it–or those of you who want a digital version to complement your hard copy–here’s our end of the year newsletter from this year! Click for big version. And please know: if you didn’t get a hard copy, it’s not that we don’t love you, it’s that we’re very forgetful. My own best friend, Effie Shaw, with whom I have matching tattoos and who took the Brooklyn Bridge photo in the newsletter for us, didn’t get one. We are that absentminded.
Love love love

Goodbye To All That and other NYC Media

Before I moved here, I’m not sure I ever noticed how many TV shows and movies take place in–or at least feature–NYC. From contemporary faves like Glee (okay that’s pretty much the only TV show I watch) to classic movies like Annie Hall, Chasing Amy, When Harry Met Sally…it always just feels a little different to see places that I visit on a weekly basis as part of the iconic “City”. It’s all a bit of a fantasy (grubby streets seem pristine, nightly cocktails are affordable to freelance writers, virtually no homeless people, etc), which is to be expected because, duh, it’s film/tv. And that’s cool with me, because if any City gets to be the iconic space of a country’s imagination and big dreams, it’s sorta cool that it’s the City I live in. And in the end it only makes the actually realistic portrayals of NYC that much more beautiful.

And that’s where “Goodbye To All That“–Joan Didion’s 1967 essay about her time in NYC during the late 1950s/early 60s–comes in. It’s one of the most frank, touching tales of being in (and out) of love with NYC I’ve ever read; and no matter what state my relationship with NYC is in, it resonates with me. I just wanted to share it with all of you because I love it so! Enjoy!


Dearest readers,

The past couple days/nights have been extremely eventful. Full update coming at the end of the weekend–which we’re spending upstate, you know, to enjoy nature and stuff–but let’s just say that yesterday we saw these guys:

shook hands with this guy:

and picked up some CDs from these fine folks:

TONIGHT, Sea hit up a shmancy event during which this woman:

gave out a bunch of awards to some other amazing women.

And this weekend, we head upstate for some R&R. Details very soon, promise!

We knew the weekend was off to a great start with Thursday night’s Cinco de Awesome (Mayo) celebration in Brooklyn, where there was lots of Sangira:


But today was even nicer, with a long, lovely walk in Central Park with some friends. Central Park is, of course, swarming with people these first few nice days of summer, but the Belvedere Castle was still amazing. Plus we spent some quality time in the ramble, going over the “bridgey-thing” (right ML?), looking at turtles, listening to guys play ukelele covers of Jason Mraz songs (video forthcoming), and pondering the logistics of 30 rowboats on a tiny pond. Plus we took a moment to look adorable:

Tomorrow we’re leaving the City at 8am (yikes!) for a super-fun Stream Ecology Hike (nerd alert) upstate. For anyone curious about what that means exactly, click here for the super interesting description! Best of all, I might get to try out the new Paint Can Pinhole Camera  I bought at the Brooklyn Museum First Saturdays Party this evening!! It is so adorable and looks like this (on the left):

Check back tomorrow evening for digital photos and tales of our woodland escapades–hopefully there won’t be any incidents like TickGate 2009–and special Mother’s Day tributes.

This Week: Getting Our Shit Together Part 1

After a couple days out of town (a trip to VA for Easter and a business trip to East Peoria for T(ea)), we spent the past weekend being outside and just generally enjoying the [early] springtime that completely blindsided pretty much everyone in NYC. Now that the week is off and running (how is it already Tuesday??) it’s time to get some things organized.

May is already pretty busy for us, with special guests C.D. and A.D. joining us in Brooklyn in a couple weekends, and then a pending camping trip with “The Boyfriends” from upstate (haven’t decided yet if we’re going here or here). On the 14th, we’re going to see Simone Felice at Rockwood Music Hall and then the rest of the Felices on the 18th at the Bell House! (Yes, my Felice Brothers Obsession lives on). Tuesdays have recently been claimed as Yoga days for me and a couple friends (at Yoga to the People‘s donation-based location in the East Village, score) and we’ve also applied to become cheap/poor members at the Chinatown YMCA (one of the only ones with a pool so T(ea) can get his swim on).

This upcoming weekend will see the progression of a photo-decor project in the hallway, new baking recipes, and a possible trip to the Catskills for some hiking and learning. Keep an eye out for more updates though…they are soon to come!

Until then, a photo to commemorate the sad sad passing of one of our favorite coffeeshops, Bluebird, which recently closed: