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Dancing through Midtown…

Just another weekend of superfun shoots! Check out all the photos on facebook…which will be their home til I have a real photo website!!


Portrait Project #022: The Dancer

#022: The Dancer

Portrait Project #021: The Animal Lover

#021: The Animal Lover

Progressive Girls Voices / Portrait Project #021: The Changemaker

Last month I had the pleasure of shooting with a group of young women being trained by the Women’s Media Center in their Progressive Girls’ Voices program! One of the girls later started the petition demanding a female moderator of a presidential debate–and was successful! Here’s her portrait–not technically part of the portrait project–because she’s awesome.

#021: The Changemaker

Portrait Project #020: The Bookstore Owner

#020: The Bookstore Owner

More here!!

Portrait Project #019: The Blues Singer

#019: The Blues Singer

The Dancer (Pausing)

The Dancer Pt 6