Sept 15

Thank you all so much for a fantastic weekend!!!

Are you a gift-giving procrastinator or wanna share some love despite not making it to the partay? We are registered at Travelers Joy which is a honeymoon registry. All gifts will go towards our upcoming amazing trip to BELIZE on Oct 6!

SUPER NEW: PJ’s Photos!!!!! YAY!
password: “love party” (all lower case with a space!)
NEW: Facebook album!

Start with this album of Party Photobooth Photos, these amazing photos my cousin Matt took, and the couple of shots below, mostly from Friday night’s bbq:

More pics coming soon, promise!

Scroll down for videos of our “ceremony”!
Mark’s toast

See Tom’s toast here

And finally, you know you wanna watch this again and throw up a little:

Video generously directed, shot, and edited by our dear friend Aaron Schillinger, with on-set assistance from Samantha Oddi


4 responses to “Sept 15

  1. Can’t wait to shake my booty!!!

  2. Matt and I are working as hard as we can to make it!!

  3. Great photo! Welcome back to Virginia, AND I’m looking forward to the event.

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